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What Are Property Crimes?Committing property offences in Canada could lead to a criminal record.

All property offences involve either the destruction or theft of property. Whether is it a stolen lawn ornament, a smashed car window, or a spray painted garage, property offences are seen as a concern to members of the community. It is common for someone to question their safety after being a victim of a property crime. For this reason, Canadian courts take property crimes seriously.

The most common property offences include:

1. Theft and Shoplifting
2. Fraud
3. Break and Enter
4. Mischief
5. Arson
6. Possession of Property Obtain by Crime

Regardless of the property and financial crimes, it is important to treat the charge as serious, no matter whether you were charged with shoplifting or robbery. Even a relatively minor shoplifting conviction can have long-last repercussions affecting a person’s ability to find employment and travel internationally.

Defending Property Crimes

I will examine every details of the police’s investigation to determine if there are any weaknesses in the Crown’s case. This may include undermining the Crown’s ability to prove certain elements of the offence, or developing a defence based on legal excuses.

With minor charges, I may be able to negotiate a resolution with the Crown where your charges are diverted out of the court system. This may take the form of completing counselling or programming, paying restitution, or doing community service work hours. In special circumstance, you matter may be diverted to the Winnipeg Mental Health Court, or Winnipeg Drug Treatment Court.

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