Client Testimonials

I have worked very hard to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients and occasionally I receive their feedback. Below you will find a small sample of testimonials from former clients who were prepared to share their experiences.

What Joshua Rogala’s Clients had to say:

“Facing criminal charges with loss of privilege, fines and a lot of stress, I was put in touch with Joshua Rogala to represent me. In court, with Joshua at my side, and evidence presented, the Judge dismissed the charges. Relief!”

Dieter L.
Winnipeg, MB

“When I was charged with an impaired driving offence, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was afraid I was going to lose my license. Then I met with Joshua Rogala. He put my mind at ease by taking me through the legal process step by step. I would certainly recommend him to my friends!”

Noel G.
Winnipeg, MB

“Joshua Rogala really did an outstanding job when he represented me in my case. He was always available when I had questions that needed to be answered, and responded quickly. He kept me informed about my case and he guided me through the court system. I am very thankful to have had his assistance.”

Anthony A.
Winnipeg, MB

“Charged with a home invasion I didn’t commit. Wrongfully charged. Joshua Rogala defended my charges in court with vigor and determination. His careful cross examination left no doubt in the eyes of the judge I was innocent. I have my freedom thanks to all your efforts. My family and I could not be happier for all you have done for us.”

Tristan P.
Winnipeg, MB

“When I was charged with Drug Trafficking my life was in shambles. Josh encouraged me never to lose hope. As my matter progress through the court system and I began my recovery, he was eventually able to convince the Crown Attorney that I was a suitable candidate for drug treatment court. After successfully completing drug treatment court, not only have did I not go to jail but I have made great stride in my recover and am able to hold full time employment. Thanks Josh.”

J. J.
Winnipeg, MB

“During my separation and divorce, my ex-wife made false allegations against me in order to try to gain an advantage in family court by having me criminally charged. After reviewing the evidence, Joshua was able to persuade the Crown Attorney that the allegations were false by demonstrating the inconsistencies in her statements and how it didn’t line up with other evidence. Thank you for so quickly dealing with this matter and allowing me to get my life back on track.”

Dillon G.
Winnipeg, MB