Winnipeg Criminal Defence Attorney Joshua Rogala Defends Youth Crimes.

When a youth is charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), a different set of procedures and laws apply to their cases than that of adults. As youth are more vulnerable than adults, they have greater protections under the law. For instance, your child has the right to have you or another adult present during police questioning. The YCJA also requires that a parent or guardian is notified upon the youth’s arrest.

Youth Crimes

Many criminal defense attorneys do not defense youth cases. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney familiar with defending youth. A lawyer without an understanding of the expanded rights of youth may be unaware of possible defenses. 

The YCJA provides remedies for resolving charges outside of the justice system. In some cases your child can avoid a criminal record.

In Winnipeg, out of custody youth matter normally appear at the Winnipeg Law Courts downtown. For youth in custody, their matters appear at the Manitoba Youth Center at 170 Doncaster Street. Joshua has a substantive youth practice and frequently attends the Manitoba Youth Center. He is familiar with the YCJA and has developed amicable relationships with many of the Crown Attorneys who prosecute youth.

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Youth crimes can have a serious and long lasting impact on young person if they are convicted. If your child has been charged under the YCJA, do not hesitate to contact Joshua for a Free Consultation.

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