Winnipeg Criminal Defence Lawyer Joshua Rogala deals with charges of Drug Offences.

Have you been Charged with Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, or Drug Production?

Drug Offences

Joshua has experience defending those accused of drug related offences in Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba. He has represented individuals charged with “simple possession”, “trafficking”, and “possession for the purpose of trafficking.”

The law governing drug related offences is quite complex. The potential sentences range from a discharge to life in prison depending on the nature of the drug, amount of drug, and circumstance of the offence. An effective criminal defence attorney must have a strong understanding of the Controlled Drug and Substance Act and common law.

Joshua will carefully analyze your case to explore all possible defences. Proof of possession requires the Crown Attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accused had knowledge of the illegal substance and some degree of control over the substance. There are often arguments to be made that the drug evidence should be excluded pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There are several potential defences to a drug charge including lack of knowledge, lack of control, entrapment, duress, and the exclusion of evidence.

An experienced criminal defence attorney can make the difference between your freedom and ending in the penitentiary. Joshua will bring present every possible deference and ensure your rights are protected.

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