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Charged with a Domestic Assault?

Domestic AssaultDomestic assault cases are those where an accused is alleged to have physically assaulted or threatened a spouse or intimate partner. Those charged with a domestic assault will typically be placed on conditions that restrict their contact with loved ones. This often occurs in cases even when the accused’s loved ones want to have contact with the accused. Those found guilty also face potentially harsher sentences than those charge with non-domestic assaults.

The police and Crown Attorney apply a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence.

Sometimes allegations of domestic assault arise in the context of divorce proceedings. Some family litigants make assault allegations as a way of gaining an advantage in divorce proceedings. When placed on no contact conditions, the accused will lose access to his or her home and children. This may have a lasting impact on how child custody and access are arranged in the future. Joshua Rogala will work with your family lawyer to ensure your rights are not only protected in the criminal court, but the family court as well.

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When you are facing domestic assault allegations, it is in your best interest to retain a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who is prepared to vigorously defend your case. Joshua Rogala has successfully negotiated with Crown Attorneys resulting in many of his client’s no contact conditions being removed and charges being dropped.

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